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Quality Vegetable Seeds at Great value Prices. are an independent seed supplier, offering the home gardener and allotment holders quality vegetable seeds at internet prices

Our aim is to offer you the very best veg seeds we can find! We only list the best in our catalogue, rather than having lots of different varieties just for the sake of it, we really do pick the best vegetable seed varietes, so you don't have to!

So how do we do it?

Firstly, no fancy picture packaging, all seed is packaged in a inner envelope and then an outer resealable packet either by hand or using precision seed counters. The vegetable packets are labelled and contain all information required by DEFRA, and also include basic germination instructions, plant spacings, and sowing times.

Secondly, we don't produce a paper catalogue, sorry we know how you enjoy looking through them, but do you know how much they cost to produce?, and they have to be paid for somehow...... in higher prices.

Thirdly, we only accept orders online, this cuts our costs but also allows us to have live stock control which will ensure that you get your order as you want it and with no replacements.

By stripping out these costs, it allows us to spend the money on the vegetable seeds themselves, we buy the best batches we can get our hands on and offer them to you at great value prices.

Featured Products

Add to BasketCarrot Autumn King

Carrot Autumn King

Only £0.79 for a packet of 500 SeedsSow February - April

Carrot Autumn King is a popular late maturing maincrop variety. It produces smooth tapered roots with good storage ability.

Sow March-August, harvest June-October.

Add to BasketCourgette Tristan

Courgette Tristan

Only £1.15 for a packet of 10 SeedsSow April - Mid- June

Courgette Tristan is a very high yielding variety, with a compact and open plant habit. It is easy to harvest due to the upright fruits and it's virtually spine-free stems.

The long shelf life of the flowers means they can be left attached or used separately. The fruits themselves are smooth, bright green in colour and are best picked when typically 16-18cm in length. Tristan also has good resistance to disease.

Add to BasketCourgette Atena

Courgette Atena

Only £1.15 for a packet of 10 SeedsSow April - Mid- June

Courgette Atena is a new early hybrid variety that produces heavy crops of yellow courgettes. The plants are semi-compact, meaning great for smaller gardens and making the fruits easy to pick.

The fruits themselves are best picked when typically 15-20cm in length and have a good sweet flavour.

Add to BasketCauliflower Freedom

Cauliflower Freedom

Only £1.39 for a packet of 20 Seeds

Cauliflower Freedom is a CMS version of the popular variety, F1 Fremont. It is considered one of the best varieties currently available for UK growing and is suitable for all work including standard and mini vegetable production. Sowing to harvest takes approximately 90days.